Welcome to our submissions management system!

We are using Submittable for a number of rather different projects, so please see the instructions under each submission category for details on what information we need and the format it should be presented in for that category. Please read the instructions carefully! Failure to follow directions may lead to automatic rejection, depending on the editor.

If you have a story that does not fall under the guidelines in any of the categories below, please do not submit it (for example: stories without anthropomorphic characters, stories between about 20,000 and 60,000 words). We do not have a venue to publish these kinds of stories at this time.

Beyond setting up your account with Submittable, we request only the minimum information from you to communicate with you and to judge your submission. Should your submission be accepted, we will then require additional personal information such as legal name and address for the purposes of writing contracts, sending payment, etc.

Please note that all information submitted to us is confidential and remains your property and copyright. We respect your privacy and your intellectual property. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at talent@sofawolf.com.

New Fables Story Submissions are closed as of October 31, 2013.
Submissions for poetry will remain open for now. Story submissions will resume once the New Fables staff begin planning for the seventh issue.

Novel Submissions are closed. Sofawolf Press will be taking some time to focus on our existing pipeline of upcoming novels. Please do not e-mail us to ask when novel submissions will re-open. We will announce it on our blog when we have made that decision.

Graphic novels are an important and growing portion of our catalog. We are happy to consider submissions that will help us continue to expand our offerings of great stories told with great art.

Please note that we are taking submissions for graphic novels, not comics. Graphic novels are generally longer graphic stories printed with a perfect binding (glued, like a paperback novel). Comics are shorter graphic stories with fold-and-staple bindings. If you have a graphic story more fitting of the traditional comic format, we suggest that you submit it to the other publishers who already have experience in this medium.

As with all of Sofawolf's publications, Heat is first and foremost about anthropomorphic animals. Please do not send in submissions in which animals with some level of human traits do not appear as major characters, as they will be rejected.

Considerations for This Category

  • Print Format: We publish in both black and white or color; however, we are more selective about color projects due to the higher printing costs and thus larger up-front financial investment on our part.
  • Previous Publication: We have published and will continue to publish webcomics that we feel have a likely market in print format. For webcomic submissions, feel free to include any information you may have on the size of your regular audience. If the work has been previously published in print format (for example, self-published), we may still consider it; please include full details about previous publications in your cover letter.

Submitting Completed Works
If you have completed your graphic novel already, the submission requirements are quite simple:

  1. Your cover letter should contain a brief (1-2 paragraph) synopsis of the story being submitted. What is the overall story, and what makes it unique?
  2. The work itself in an easy-to-read format. If it is available online, a link to the website is acceptable. (No paywalls, please.) However, a single PDF is preferred for readability reasons: webcomic pages are usually slower to navigate than flipping through a PDF, and webcomic page layouts are often surprisingly inconvenient for efficient reading. Your reviewers will appreciate the effort you put into packaging your submission into a single, easy to read file!
  3. If your file is large (especially if it causes problems for Submittable's uploads) you are welcome to share a link to download the file elsewhere. Dropbox and Google Docs are tools we use. However, please don't use any other system that requires us to create an account to access your file.
  4. If the submitted work is the first of a multiple-volume series, please include the following in your synopsis (which may extend to more than 1-2 paragraphs):
    • A description of the first volume explaining how it works as a stand-alone story.
    • A summary of the entire story to be told over all volumes.
    • The total number of volumes and pages (your best estimate).

Submitting Works-In-Progress
We are interested in hearing about your graphic novel once you have worked out your story and you have established the artistic style for your work. Please include the following items in your submission. The goal here is for you to provide us with enough information to judge the potential of your story and its artistic rendering without requiring you to complete the entire work first.

  1. Cover letter, including a brief (1-2 paragraph) synopsis of what goes on in your story, as well as an estimate the number of pages (and volumes, if you anticipate more than one).
  2. If the submission is for more than one volume, be sure that your synopsis explains how the first volume works as a stand-alone graphic novel, and also describe the entire story arc (or arcs) that tie(s) the volumes together.
  3. Write a longer (1-2 page) summary of your story and include this as the first part of your submission file. This summary should explain what happens and why, rather than providing a page-by-page narration of the scenes as they unfold. Who are the characters? What happens to them? What drives the story forward and what is the conclusion? (Yes, we want to hear spoilers!)
  4. In your submission file, include samples that demonstrate your art and layout skills. Consider including:
    • Completed pages (the more the better).
    • Character sheets of major characters in the style you propose to use for the graphic novel. Include multiple poses and expressions to demonstrate your ability to render characters consistently.
    • Examples of your comic page layout skills. These can include other works or sketches if you do not have many completed pages for the work being submitted.
    • Examples of backgrounds and settings (especially if you don't have many completed pages to share).
  5. If your file is large (especially if it causes problems for Submittable's uploads) you are welcome to share a link to download the file elsewhere. Dropbox and Google Docs are tools we use. However, please don't use any other system that requires us to create an account to access your file.

We are happy to take submissions from teams of artists and writers for comics. This submission system only accommodates single submitters, so choose one of your team to make the submission, and then note the names and email addresses of collaborators in your query letter.