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The primary components of your submission:

  • Query Letter: This should be short (2-3 paragraphs) and should introduce you and your work. If you have previous publication credits or previous novels published, mention them here. Spend a couple sentences on what your novel is about and what makes it compelling and different. The query letter should be pasted into the appropriate space in the form, not included as an attachment. It should also include any additional contact information you would like to include other than what you have already submitted into the form here.
  • Synopsis: This should be a 2-3 page document (MS Word, RTF, or Text format, please) that walks through the plot of your novel, introducing the main characters, the conflicts, and how the conflicts are resolved. This is a full summary of the novel, not a teaser. Spoil the ending!
  • Sample chapters: These should be the first 2-4 chapters of your novel (once again using MS Word, RTF, or Text format), depending on the length of the chapters. If the chapters are long, send fewer of them: if they are short, send more. If you have a prologue, that will count as one of the chapters.

If you're not sure how to write a query letter or synopsis, Google it! Examples and guidance abounds on the Internet. “How do I write a query letter?” or “How do I write a synopsis?” will give you lots of helpful links.

Please be sure to proofread your query letter, synopsis, and sample chapters carefully! Spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, and so on reflect on your ability as a writer and your professionalism, both considerations in Sofawolf's decision to publish or not.

How long is a novel?
Sofawolf is most interested in works between about 60,000 and 150,000 words. The “sweet spot” is 90,000-120,000. These are not set-in-stone boundaries, but we will not consider works too far outside them--for example, both 30,000 and 300,000-word stories will not be considered.

Keep it furry.
We are a publisher of works based on anthropomorphic animals. Not all your characters must be anthropomorphic animals, but at least some of your main characters should be.

The story should be complete.
We are interested in reviewing completed novels, not great ideas for novels. If after reading your submission materials we are interested enough to want to read more, we will contact you for the full manuscript.

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