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Heat is Sofawolf Press's annual publication dedicated to telling stories of a romantic or erotic nature, with explicit depictions of sexual activities allowed (though not required). All sexual orientations are encouraged, and we try to fill each issue with as much diversity as we can from the pool of submissions. "Storytelling" includes traditional short fiction, comics, and poetry, with occasional other creative inspirations to shake things up a bit.

There is no particular theme for any volume other than a general focus on romance and erotica.

We have fewer specific guidelines for poetry because it is such a variable medium. Generally, our poems span a two-page spread, with room for accompanying art, but we will consider shorter (one-page) poems. We will consider longer poems too, but epic erotic poetry is difficult to pull off in a manner that is enjoyable to more than just fans of epic poetry.

As with all of Sofawolf's publications, Heat is first and foremost about anthropomorphic animals. Please do not send in submissions in which animals with some level of human traits do not appear as major characters, as they will be rejected.

Heat is traditionally released at Anthrocon, which is held in June or July each year. Production of each volume takes up most of the year. We take a brief break after Anthrocon, then start the process up again in late July or August (most years). The official submission period lasts about a month or two.

For 2017 we will take submissions through Sunday, September 17, though we may extend the submission period if we are still looking for stories of certain types at the end of this period. Submissions in Submittable automatically close at the end of the stated last day, at midnight, Central Standard Time.

Number of Submissions:
We will accept multiple submissions, although for poems it is best to submit no more than two or three during any round of submissions. If you are truly having a hard time selecting which poems to submit, we recommend having a trusted friend or editor help you narrow your submissions down, rather than submitting them all for our reviewers to wade through. Please create a new submission for each poem. Failure to do so will result in automatic rejection.

Starting with Volume #6, single-page poetry will be paid at a rate of approximately $20 for a single page or $40 for a two-page poem. The exact rate is at the discretion of the editors based on length and other characteristics.

Other categories:

For our short story submissions, visit this page.

For our comic submissions, visit this page.

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