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Heat is Sofawolf Press's annual publication dedicated to telling stories of a romantic or erotic nature, with explicit depictions of sexual activities allowed (though not required). All sexual orientations are encouraged, and we try to fill each issue with as much diversity as we can from the pool of submissions. "Storytelling" includes traditional short fiction, comics, and poetry, with occasional other creative inspirations to shake things up a bit.

There is no particular theme for any volume other than a general focus on romance and erotica.

Our preference is for tales in which sex or romance play an important role in the overall plot, but are not the sole purpose for the stories' existence. With comics, we do not expect plots as deeply developed as short stories, but we still prefer comics in which there is more going on than simply a premise to get two (or more) characters together in bed.

As with all of Sofawolf's publications, Heat is first and foremost about anthropomorphic animals. Please do not send in submissions in which animals with some level of human traits do not appear as major characters, as they will be rejected.

Heat is traditionally released at Anthrocon, which is held in June or July each year. Production of each volume takes up most of the year. We take a brief break after Anthrocon, then start the process up again. The official submission period lasts about a month or two.

For 2017 we will take submissions through Sunday, September 17, though we may extend the submission period if we are still looking for stories of certain types at the end of this period. Submissions in Submittable automatically close at the end of the stated last day, at midnight, Central Standard Time.

Comic Length:
Our comics tend to run 8–12 pages, but we will publish shorter and longer comics as long as the length is appropriate for the story, and as long as we have sufficient space.

Comic Format:
This submission category is for black and white (grayscale) comics to appear in our mixed Heat anthology along with stories and poems. We have considered doing a full-color edition or variant of Heat, but if we do, submissions for that will be in a separate category.

Black and white comics accepted for publication in Heat will be paid at a rate of $25 per page for up to 10 pages, then $15 per page after that.

Submission Format:
We accept comic submissions in the form of complete works or as proposals. Proposals should provide sufficient information about the story and art to allow us to judge the likelihood of a successful outcome, should your proposal be selected.

  • Complete Comic: Please compile your comic pages into a single document (one comic page per document page) that can be uploaded here to be viewed and shared easily among reviewers. A zip file of images is not sufficient. The PDF format is best, but a Word document can work in a pinch.
  • Proposal: Your proposal should demonstrate to the best of your ability what your final comic will be like. Give a detailed summary of the story up front, along with descriptions of the main characters and an estimate of the total number of pages. Include spoilers! We want to know the whole story! Provide samples of art in the style that the comic will be drawn in, including character sheets of the primary characters to show your ability to render them in a variety of poses and expressions. Include examples of page layouts to show your ability to work with the comic format. If you have thumbnails or sketches of the story as a whole, feel free to include them. All of this information should be assembled into a single document to facilitate our ability to view it as a whole and share it among reviewers. Do your best, but don't sweat it if you're not a layout designer with access to InDesign. PDF format is preferred, but a Word document can suffice.


We are happy to take submissions from teams of artists and writers for comics. This submission system only accommodates single submitters, so choose one of your team to make the submission, and then note the names and email addresses of collaborators in your query letter. We will require independent confirmation by your collaborators. (This is to make sure you don't invent your own "dream team" for the submission without your collaborator's permission.)

Other Categories:
For our poetry submissions, visit this page.
For our short story submissions, visit this page.
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